COAMFTE and Regional Accreditation

The Commission on Accreditation of Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE) as well as Regional University Accrediting Bodies (SACS, WASC, NEACS, etc.) now require measuring student learning outcomes for programs to acquire and maintain accreditation. The Complete MFT Core Competencies Assessment System is designed to meet these new demands.

Most programs do not have the financial or personnel resources to develop effective learning assessment programs to maintain accreditation. At minimal expense and burden to faculty, programs can develop assessment programs that meet their unique needs and mission using
The Complete MFT Core Competencies Assessment System.

The latest revision of the COAMFTE Version 11 Standards shifts from input-driven standards (i.e., covering specified content) to outcome-based evaluation (i.e., measures of student learning and performance). The new standards require programs organize their program around stated learning outcomes that are consistent with their program's and university's mission statements.

The MFT Core Competencies developed by AAMFT in 2004 represent the most respected and comprehensive list of learning outcomes in MFT. By aligning your program's learning outcomes with the Core Competencies, programs adopt the most widely accepted set of learning outcomes in the field, ensuring a cutting-edge curriculum for students.

The new COAMFTE standards do not require that programs adopt the Core Competencies but doing so greatly reduces faculty workloads by providing a comprehensive set of learning outcomes. Programs can choose teach some or all of the Core Competencies, likely beginning modestly and increasing the number of competencies covered in their programs over time.